Vending Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines

Rules and Regulations

  1. Discriminatory or bigoted language and/or behavior (racist, sexist/cis-sexist, ableist, ageist, etc.) are not acceptable as part of vending. This includes, but is not limited to language, behavior, and removing or changing any signage by vendors at the Flea. For more information on these terms, please contact
  2. Vendors and community groups are required to provide their full legal information including names, mailing addresses, birthdates, and phone numbers in order to vend or host a community table. NELA, including the Vending Team, do not share personal/legal information without explicit consent.
    • Vendors, their booth assistants, and community group members will be required to show a government-issued identification card at registration to receive their vending wristband(s).
    • The Vending Team does not share personal/legal information between NELA events without explicit written consent from the vendor.
    • Vendors must follow the general event rules and dress code. These can be found here:
      • Vendors must follow all rules and dress code while in attendance at the Flea, not just while vending.
      • Any infraction in FFF #54 rules will result in a conversation with the Vendor, the Vending Coordinator, and the Vendor Neutral. Additional infractions in language and/or behavior may result in removal from the event without refund.
  3. Vendors must be registered at the Vending Headquarters table prior to vending hours starting on Friday night (6:00 PM EST), unless previously arranged with the Vending Coordinator.
    • Registration entails receiving your State Tax ID forms (must be on display throughout the whole weekend in your booth), receiving and signing the Fetish Fair Fleamarket® Vending Agreement, signing the Vending Rules and Regulations, and showing your ID to receive your vending area wristbands. Vendors and assistants will not be allowed into vending areas outside of vending hours without the specific vendors wristband.
    • In the case of emergency or unknown travel delays, please text/call the Vending Coordinator.
  4. Vendors are required to abide by Rhode Island state law. Rhode Island state law includes but is not limited to prohibition of the following:
    • Raffles or any form of gambling
    • Body modification without a Rhode Island State License (no needles or medical staples)
    • Stun guns, sap gloves, billy clubs, ‘kung fu’ weapons, etc.
    • Open flame/fire/candles inside any of the hotel spaces
    • If you have any questions about what is or is not allowed, please reach out to the Vending Coordinator.
  5. Vendors are expected to represent only themselves and/or their company and are thus not representatives of NELA.
    • In this capacity, vendors are NOT allowed to take incident reports from anyone at the Flea.

Guidelines and Expectations

Guidelines for Vendors are less strict than the vending rules, though we ask that you follow them to the best of your abilities in order to make the Flea enjoyable for all.

  • Vendors are expected behave professionally.
  • Vendors should be comfortable answering questions regarding their products.
  • Vendors should be aware of and practicing Risk-Aware, Consensual Kink (RACK) if demonstrating a product on a booth assistant.
  • A brief negotiation should be done with the booth assistant if assisting with demonstrations, no exceptions! We model good behavior and boundaries for attendees!
  • Vendors are expected to respect Flea staff and volunteers.
  • Vendors are expected to uphold consent to a higher standard than the average attendee. Vendors are expected to follow NELA’s Consent Violation policy.
  • Vendors are expected to not assume another person’s sexual or gender identity, sexual orientation, and/or kink position or identity based on appearance, etc… Vendors are expected to let the Vending Coordinator and/or the NELA Board of Directors know if there is a non-emergent problem in their vending are (i.e. consent accident, a physical accident, a disruptive attendee, or anything that seems important in the moment).


While NELA strives for as much transparency as humanly possible, please know that we cannot see the future. Rules and regulations are subject to change. We promise we will always inform you in writing of any changes as soon as we know about them.