Summer Flea Vending

Dear Vendors and Community Groups:
Applications are closed for vendors, but there are a few community table slots left for FFF #53:

July 27, 2019
Westford Regency Inn & Conference Center
219 Littleton Road
Westford, MA 01886


Dates & Deadlines:

  • May 15th: Application deadline (including application fee)
  • June 14th: Payment deadline
  • July 27th: Date of the event

Vending space choices and options:

COMMUNITY TABLE (free to qualifying groups/services): Includes a table, 2 chairs, and 2 weekend admissions wristbands.

SMALL CRAFTER ($100): includes two wristbands, and a 6 foot table in the price with no floor space around the table. If you choose a crafter table you are expected to display all your wares on the table. If you need to use gridwall, racks, stands, etc… you need at least a single 8×8′ booth ($175).

SINGLE 8 x 8 ($175) – includes 2 weekend admission wristbands and 2 chairs but no tables.

DOUBLE 8 x 16 ($325) – includes 4 admission wristbands and 4 chairs but no tables.

TRIPLE 8 x 24 ($475) – includes 4 admission wristbands and 4 chairs but no tables.


  • Electricity – $25 – be sure to bring an extension cord to be sure you reach the power drop
  • Corner or endcap – $75 – we will accommodate as many as we can
  • Table rental – $25 – tables are 6′ rectangles
  • Additional wristband – $5 – up to four (4) may be purchased

FFF #53 Vending Application Procedure:

  1. Complete the NELA online vending application agreeing to the NELA Fetish Fair Fleamarket Vendor here
  2. Remit payment for NELA vendor application fee here. Your application will only be reviewed after payment is received.
  3. Vendors approved by NELA will be emailed and invoiced for their remaining balance.

FFF #53 Community Table Application Procedure:

  1. If a community organization wishes to exchange monies of any kind for goods or services at FFF #53 it must apply to be a vendor.
  2. Complete the NELA online community table application and, if applicable, upload a copy of your 501 (c) 3, 4, or 7 certification.


  • No one under 18 allowed, including infants. No exceptions.
  • No animals or non-human pets, other than service animals.
  • No photography or filming in the vending or event areas.
  • You may bring in a small amount of food for personal consumption.
  • No serving of food or drink allowed.
  • No flyering or demonstrating outside of your own booth (except in approved demo spaces).
  • Very BRIEF demos of your product are allowable if they don’t disturb vending around you, create a safety hazard, or violate any laws (no nudity, no impact).
  • Do not obstruct the aisles or exits.
  • No hawking or loud music that would disturb other vendors.
  • No drugs, smoking, or vaping indoors or within 30 feet of any entrance
  • Make sure you leave your space clean when you leave.
  • Vendors are liable for any damage charges incurred by their products or behavior.
  • Vendors are expected to adhere to NELA’s code of conduct and safety.
  • No materials can be shipped to the hotel to arrive prior to July 27th. There is no storage on-site.

Thank you for supporting New England Leather Alliance and the Fetish Fair Fleamarket®! We look forward to seeing you soon.


NELA Secretary and FFF 53 Vendor Coordinator

Start your Community Table Application

Frequently Asked Questions: Vendors

What’s up with the vending application fee?

In the interest of transparency – in the past we have had multiple vendors withdraw at the last minute. This left empty spaces in the grand ballroom that could have been filled by vendors on the wait list had this change in attendance been communicated to NELA. This was a disappointment for attendees and a frustration for the Vending Team who worked for months to put together a great selection of vendors. This fee will indicate to the Vending Team that a vendor is serious and will make every attempt to be at the Summer Flea. If a vendor is selected for FFF #53 the application fee will be applied to the vending space balance. NELA will refund the application fee to a vendor who is not chosen for FFF #53. This fee is a placeholder and *NOT* an increase in your bill.

What if I can’t attend the event after completing the vending application process?

CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY at We are willing and want to work with you for alternative arrangements. If you do not show up, or contact us by July 4th, the application fee will be forfeited and applications to future events may not be considered.

How many event wristbands are included with my vending space?

  • Crafter and single vendor spaces: you will receive two wristbands as part of your vendor fee.
  • Double and triple vendor spaces: you will receive four wristbands as part of your vendor fee.
  • Up to an additional four wristbands may be purchased at a discounted rate of $5.00 each, please request within your application.

If you have further questions after reading this FAQ, please contact our vending coordination team for further information:

Frequently Asked Questions: Community Groups

I am unable to attach my organization’s 501(c) 3, 4, or 7 certificate. What can I do to complete the application?

Please immediately notify that you will be mailing the certificate and send it to:

ATTN: Vending
PO Box 51361
Boston, MA 02205-1361

What does my organization receive as part of a community table space?

Each community table receives one table, two chairs, and two wristbands. If your organization needs more chairs or wristbands, please request them within your application.

If you have further questions after reading this FAQ, please contact our vending coordination team for further information: