Summer Flea Info


  • Valid, government-issued photo ID is REQUIRED.  
  • No exceptions to this rule.
  • This is an 18+ event: DOB prior to July 27, 2001
  • Temporary IDs are acceptable so long as they are current. 
  • We check everyone’s ID
  • $5.00 – NELA Associates ONLY
  • $10.00 – General Admission
  • Cash and credit cards accepted.
  • ATM on site!


  • Food and beverages will be available for purchase within event space
  • Vegan, vegetarian, and allergy-friendly options will be available


  • First-floor bathrooms are gender-specific.
  • Upstairs bathrooms (outside the lounges) are gender-neutral.
  • First-floor bathrooms are located just outside of our event space and are considered public domain.
  • First-floor bathrooms may not be used as a changing room for vendors
  • Spaces for changing will be provided within the vendors’ area.
  • Upstairs bathrooms are *within* the Flea space

Dress Code

  • NELA’s dress code of “sidewalk friendly” applies to every attendee approaching and within the Flea space
  • Chest, buttocks, and genitals must be always covered with an opaque (not see-through) material.
  • Paint, including liquid latex, is not allowed unless additionally covered by clothing.
  • Loosely-woven/open-patterned chainmail is not allowed unless worn over or under clothing.
  • Outside the Flea space a “family friendly” dress code is required by the hotel

Medical/First Aid

  • 8-10 staff members with training ranges from First Aid, CPR-certified, AED-certified up to fully licensed Registered Nurses (RN/BSN).
  • Any serious or significant injuries will be handled by engaging local First Responders (911).
  • A fixed point marked with a red cross where anyone can report a medical need.
  • If you possess any of these types of certifications and would like to join our volunteer team, please reach out to either Con CoChair (IT Director or Programming Director) or our Volunteer Coordinator.


  • As always, there will be a minimum of 2 uniformed police officers on site.
  • Some will help direct traffic for parking, others will be roaming freely through the con-space.
  • They have full access to our space and are welcomed by NELA and the hotel.

Emotional Care & Support (ECS)

  • At least three staff members available on site
  • Ombudsperson is available by phone/video conference s
  • Every Board Member is available to take a report.
  • If you, or anyone you know, is professionally-trained in this area and would like to volunteer for this role, please contact Programming Director

Quiet Zone

  • Room where attendees could de-stress, de-stim, regulate emotions and minimize sensory input
  • Currently lacking anyone to coordinate/host this space.
  • If you feel that type of space would be helpful to yourself or others, please consider volunteering for a few hours to make it a reality for those who need it.
  • Email Programming Director to step up.