Accessibility Table

The accessibility table will be located in the main lobby of the Crowne Plaza (the host hotel). Please stop by to request information on Interpreters, accessibility in classrooms, Large Print feedback forms, scent free soap, or just to say hi.

Accessibility Seating in Classrooms
Every classroom will have two (2) chairs marked with laminated signs stating that they are reserved for disabled individuals. These 2 chairs will be located at the front of the classroom and near an aisle. Every classroom will also have one (1) spot marked with blue mats for wheelchair users to park. The spot will be standard ADA size, if you have any issues, please contact the room volunteer or the volunteer at the accessibility table. Accessibility Passes are available to borrow from the Accessibility table, they are laminated signs that may be reserved and used by an individual with disabilities who may need seating other than what’s available in the first row. Passes must be reserved a minimum of 30 minutes before a class (or earlier) and signed out for each class and then returned to the table after the class is finished. People requesting accessibility passes will need to fill out a short form with their information and to pay a REFUNDABLE $5 deposit for the pass (the $5 will be returned to the person when they return the pass). People who hold accessibility passes will need to arrive to the class a little bit early and check in with the Door Monitor volunteer and show them the pass. They will then be allowed to enter the classroom first after everyone has exited. They may either place their pass on a chair and return to the line (to wait with friends/partners, for example) or they may choose their chair and remain seated as others enter the classroom. For classes that are quite busy or popular, only 2 people with passes will be allowed into each classroom, but more people will be allowed in if the room does not meet capacity. Your feedback is welcome! If you have questions about accessibility passes (or anything accessibility-related) please contact

ASL interpreters

American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreters are available at the Fetish Fair Fleamarket FFF54. Interpreters are available as needed on a first come first serve basis and cannot do more than one class at any given time. Requests can also be submitted by emailing

Large Print

Large Print feedback forms will be available at the Accessibility Table in the lobby as well as in Programming HQ in the Wickford Room.


In addition to the marked spots for vehicles in the parking lot at the Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn Express, the valet at the Crowne Plaza will be free of charge on a first come-first serve basis to people whose cars have Handicapped Placards or Plates from any state.

Scent free Soap

Scent free soap will be available in all of the public bathrooms for the duration of the Flea