The FFF® Programming department acknowledges the seating shortage and longer-than-usual lines many Flea attendees faced at FFF #52. It was a first for us in our 15 years of experience in putting together the Flea’s programming schedule. We apologize for the inconvenience and on February 18, 2019 we started exploring options for improvements.

Here are some of the suggestions we came up with and received from FFF #52 feedback forms:

  • Evaluate every class’ attendance records and whether relocating to another room is indicated.
  • Allocate the basement rooms to Lounges for their larger square footage and traffic flow.
  • Set a shorter time limit for each lounge to allow for more attendee turnover.
  • Allocate sixth floor suite rooms to Socials for their square footage and accessibility
  • Clear every classroom of all attendees between classes to prevent unfair “camping” practices and allowing for a more thorough cleanup.
  • Offer pre-registration options for Master classes and some of the most popular classes (at no additional cost) and leave a few spots available for at-the-door registration.
  • Release a maximum seating capacity per room for each class at least 1 month prior to the Flea.
    • Please understand that classroom capacity may vary greatly from fire-code/building occupancy limits. A presenter’s needs, accessible seating, demonstration space, necessary equipment are some examples of factors in determining classroom capacity.

We’re committed to open communication and will post all adopted changes on our website shortly after the full programming schedule is published.

The FFF #54 Programming Team is already off and running in creating fantastic event for all. Please reach out with any questions or ideas for FFF seating plans, policies, and more at

Thank you for your time and we can’t wait to see you in February 2020!