FFF Planning Meeting

FFF54 KickOff Meeting

Conference Center-Waltham: SleepyGreenEyes, DarksideBlues, Leah, Wy, Fay, Echo, Connor, Tesla

Conference Line: Danielle, Aries, ConnorOps, Bane, Dark Miss, Astra, Julie, Storm, Sid, Heather, Elle

FFF53 Recap

Hotel loved us, want us back

Asked for PO Box to be checked for police detail invoices (Westford & Chelmsford)

  • Sleepy will try Sat; if not, Julie on Sunday

Attendance lower than usual – good weather, need to do better marketing and advertising

Ops Feedback: Need more food staff, need walkie-talkie at front desk

Feedback on windows being papered over. Mixed feedback – some folks liked the privacy, other folks felt like they were in prison.

Suggestion to use curtains or pipe and drape – perception of privacy vs. being hidden/shamed

Use butcher paper as an activity for Littles – make sure it’s clearly marked ‘Brought to you by Littles Lounge’ or paw prints. Put in Quiet Space as well. Use colored butcher paper to decorate Summer Flea windows. Suggestion to use cloth/canvas for same purposes.

Separate quarters for Dispatch and Quiet/Private Room


Meeting Schedule – Next FFF Planning meeting will be on 08/28 at the Non-profit at 7pm

    • Sept 25
    • Oct 23
    • Nov 6
    • Nov 20
    • December 11
    • January 8
    • January 22
    • February 5

Team/Department Leads

    • Volunteers – Heather S.
    • Vending – Julie
    • Programming – Echo & Lady Shana
      • Programming Volunteers – Connor & Chinci
    • Operations – Sid
    • Medical & Emotional Care Support (MECS) – Connor (Ops)
    • Accessibility – Echo will manage and delegate
        • Wy
        • Plum
        • Storm
          • Looking to continue with most of the programs as before, maybe less on the large format reviews, keep set aside seating, large print books, braille book, keep parking, keep soap, interpreter
          • If need to cut, we can cut personal guides, cut braille book (those that needed it had other means as it wasn’t expected)
    • Hotel Liaison – Sleepy
    • Contracts Liaison – Sleepy
    • Advertising – Open/Needs to be filled
    • Marketing/PR/Social Media – Open/Needs to be filled
    • Program Book -– Open/Needs to be filled

Action Items –

Accessibility –Reach out to LibbyAnne for ASL Services

Accessibility – Budget ETA 8/28 Planning Meeting

Quiet Zone name change to Self-Care Suite?

Volunteers – Issues at FFF52 with folks at front door being told different things by different ppl

Sid suggestion – Have a ‘card’ with their assignment

Volunteer HQ – Request from Programming to have HQ open later. Issues with volunteers leaving coats behind from morning shifts. Suggestions – have Overnight Ops member have key to HQ.

Connor suggested giving vouchers for Coat Check


Create timeline for vendor call, deadlines, fine-tune the vendor application process, review vendor list for mailing. Checking pricing? Pricing was adjusted last year. Work on invoice and application with Leah.

Action – Have timeline incl. deadlines for 8/28 meeting


Had kickoff meeting 6/23, next meeting 8/12

Have 25 proposals submitted – very low. Two out of 5 Tier 1 have accepted for FFF54. Two presenters not available to us this year – other commitments. Waiting to hear back from last one.

92 Classes proposed – does not include Diversity and Inclusion Fellowship, 3 applicants thus far

Proposal deadline 8/31/19 11:59:59 Eastern

Emails sent out to all previous presenters as well as on our website but PR via social media

Will review responses at Aug meeting to see if there is anyone they can reach out to personally

Action: Sleepy to follow-up with KPNG group to get email redirected to Programming and also to utilize that email list to do a call for proposals for presenters

Tier 3 – UP to 2 classes

Tier 2 – UP to 4 classes plus allowed Master Classes

Tier 1 – Up to 4 classes; add’l perks, plus allowed Master Classes

1 Class = ½ night hotel stay

Tier 1 – add’l nights plus honorarium

Suggestion – Add’l reminders about deadlines

Suggestion for Presenter – Lee A Lord (WMD on Fet)


Team in place mostly

Volunteer’s request/suggestions – i.e., crowd management

Schedule time w/Programming to review crowd management

Requested Exec call w/Board


Sid has list from FFF53 – Will forward to Connor (Ops)

Heather to get Sleepy EMS Volunteer info by Friday

Coordinator position – responsible for vetting of credentials, schedules, coverage, dedicated space


See above

Also, Midori provided references for some people in the scene who also interpret ASL. They are volunteering to do, knowing they may not get paid. Echo will reach out to them.


Sleepy asked for Team Leads to submit their hotel block requests (approximate numbers only at this point) by 8/28 meeting

Reviewed contracts

Between the 3 hotels, there are ~500 rooms to fill (including Board, staff, presenters, etc.)

  • Increase of ~85 rooms due to loss of contract with airline by Crowne; improves availability at the Crowne

Targeting mid-to-late Sept public room release

Need to do FYI social media posts re: FFF54 to include new $50/room/night deposit at time of reservation. Implementing deposit to cut down on folks reserving multiple rooms for same parties of folks. Still a max of 3 rooms per person.


COIL – Getting ready for their own event but have reached out to them. They responded that they will get back to us by ~`8/23 with contract for FFF54.

Pendragon – Reached out to them; on vacation currently. Will connect upon their return.

Valet & Police Detail – Will handle in Sept/Oct


Need someone to solicit advertising for Program Book. Please spread the word and have them contact Sleepy if interested in helping out.


Tesla helping with this currently. Need to look at additional ways to advertise the event. Consider radio spots, etc.

Program Book

Need someone to design/do layout for Program Book. Please spread the word and have them contact Sleepy if interested in helping out.

Sleepy will contact person who did it for FFF52 & FFF53. If not interested, need to obtain license for software from that person.


Looking to post a “what to be expecting” letter in September

    • Includes a $50 maximum deposit at all hotels (see above)
    • Pricing will be the same price for this year but will include the fee verse having the fee show up at the time of purchase. Price may come off as more for this year again, but it won’t be

Leah, Connor (Ops) and DarkSideblues looking into ID scanners that can verify DOB but also connect to our banned list and a ‘VIP” list (i.e., prior Board members who have free entry). Should speed up ID checking process and eliminate human error esp re: Ban List.

Open Session ended 9:00pm