FFF Planning Meeting

NPC:  Sleepy, Leah, Adam, Echo, Connor, Plum, Iris, Nemesis

Phone:  Grant, Sid, Spooky, Jane, Cory, BostonChickie, KnightChadast, luvs2bspanked, Heather S., Dark Miss, Bane

Hotel Review

Still a handful of rooms at both HIE and HGI but received clarification that our blocks ARE sold out.  Any remaining rooms, NELA is not on the hook for.  Something to look into post-Flea is why we don’t have entire hotel blocked off at HIE and HGI.

BEOs in process. Must must remain a top priority for responses to hotel.

Room raffle going well.

Construction Update – Looking good so far for lobby to be in tact for our event.  However, have lost a total of three rooms; Room 148 plus two on Vendor Row.  Those two vendors will be moved to Ballroom (Thank you Julie!) and hotel will comp them overnight night rooms.

Additionally, four Vendor Row rooms will not have heat or running water so vendors may use the during the day to vend but cannot sleep in them.  Hotel going to comp overnight rooms for those vendors as well.

Pre-Con Meetings:

Sensitivity/Awareness training, Wed, 2/13 @ 3:30pm – Attendees:  Board, Scott, Lady Shana, Sid

BEO Review, Wed 2/13 @ ~4:30pm – Attendees:  Board, team leads (i.e., anyone with BEOs)

Reminder – Open Board meeting that night as well.  Wed 2/13 @ 7pm, Crowne Plaza Hotel – Wickford Room.  Call-in information will be available as usual.

Thursday afternoon/evening, Time TBD – Final team lead meeting to review protocols including radio protocols.


Day programming all set good to go

No further drop outs – but have some back ups

A few drop outs for the Taster – being particular about who they have helping with the event; want to be sure to have diversity.  Two areas – Spanking & Rope

Luvs2bspank/KnightChadast offered to help esp w/spanking

Wants someone who is younger (TNG-age) comfortable with bondage (not just rope bondage) and identifies with another minority

Reach out to Echo who will put then in touch with Danie

BSPI tickets not selling well; will keep online until Fri midnight.  If event sells out, a limited number of ‘standing room only’ tickets will also be sold.  All VIP tickets are sold out!

Adam suggested adding more VIP tickets.  Echo – 1st row is VIP.  Suggestion to add a 2nd row.  VIP also allows for early entry.  Accessible tickets are allowed early access after VIP but before general public.

Will cap VIP at 30 tickets.  Want to retain the VIP ‘feel’/status by keeping those tickets low.

Still waiting on answer for appetizers to High Protocol Dinner. Requested final answer on that by Friday.

Will have chocolate themed cookies/cupcakes for the CBC event.  Hotel required foot along with the bar.

Art gallery up to 30 pieces of artwork. Leah and Iris to work together offline regarding list.

Social Media Blast

Sent Iris list of vendors on Vendor Row who are being inconvenienced due to construction so that they can highlight them in social media push

Priorities – Volunteers, registration, evening events, programming and vendor info

Programming Volunteers

One open shift!!  Not too worried about it.

General Volunteers

83 open shifts – most on Saturday, some on Sunday; both mostly in the afternoon

Most Accessibility shifts are not filled – three spots, three shifts

Asked Plum to sign up for Accessibility table shifts so we can fill in the blanks and account for what shifts are truly needed to cover that area

Will have flip chart/dry erase board outside of volunteer shifts are available

Want to lock the volunteer grid on Wednesday, 13th at Noon

Sleepy requested that a message be put up online that shifts are still available and to check with Volunteer HQ


**Has Julie confirmed that all permit applications were accepted by Town of Warwick

Email from Julie:



-Refunds for those that canceled, completed.

-Vending booth layout and revisions, completed.

-Reminder e-mails to those who haven’t paid, 9 remaining (01/06/2019) -E-mail sent to vendors on times etc…

-E-mail sent to those who will not be vending on Friday.

-BEO completed and sent to Chair.


To Do:

-Send Invoices for those who just added bed removal from vendors row.

-Contact those who will not have plumbing to tell them this, and get what days they are staying to provide to hotel.

-Call Red Cloak Studios as all e-mails have bounced back.

-Work on vendor packets (finalize what sheet I should use for vendor agreement to the rules of the events and vending- finding place to put that if problems , pack up early, etc… they will be asked to leave/ not vend in the future etc…).

-Print out my Load-In check off sheets, and sheets for who get tables and chairs, wrist band counts, list of all prices we charge for items.

-Get more tax forms from Rhode Island.

-Heather S will pick up the Warwick permits on Wednesday from the Police station.



Dispatch schedule pretty well filled

Radio protocol all set – Will have pre-Flea review to retain familiarity with the basics

Protocol document has been reviewed by Legal.  One more meeting with Sleepy to fine-tune – meeting tomorrow.  Will distribute after that time.

Police Detail

No confirmation yet – Sid to follow up tomorrow.

ERT/IRT/First Aid

FAQ Sheets will have local resources.  Will have trained personnel on site (volunteers); Board and Ops will have that confidential list.

Lots of concerned expressed about lack of IRT/ERT – looks like we don’t care. What is the plan?  Information card will be provided, made clear that Board, Ops, Safety and Hotel Security will facilitate and offer information, etc.

Connor made great suggestion to – in the future – to collaborate with BARCC or other agency who does specialize in survivor support.

Sid to follow up w/hotel to confirm their personnel’s training.


Purchases submitted – will get those ordered through Amazon to get timely delivery

Etana not at event – Plum will be onsite point person

Program Book

Done and submitted to Tiger Press on 2/1 as scheduled.

Current delivery ETA to Crowne Plaza is 2/13 or 2/14 at latest


Sleepy looking into at least one possible radio opportunity with major Boston radio station.  Would be no charge to NELA.

Continue social media push!

Goody Bags

All material to delivery to Sleepy’s home by 2/10 per instructions.  Will be put on tail end of truck so that it can part of the first unloaded on Friday; delivery straight to Rotunda.

Swag Update

T-shirts ordered – will be delivered to Crowne Plaza

Mugs ordered and shipped but weight on tracking information looks incorrect.  Leah working with company to confirm details.  Delivery to Crowne (one less thing for the truck).