FFF Planning Meeting

NonProfit Center:  SleepyGreenEyes, Echo, Connor, Iris, Leah, Plum, Attorney Adam

Phone:  Heather S., Sid, Luvs2bspanked, Knight Chadast, Chinci, Danielle, Rob, Cory, Mike


Hotel Updates

Hotel room allocations – 70-80%

Sleepy met w/Echo last week to do Programming allocation since that was the a significant portion of rooms held out from the public sales

Echo to finish review and return by Friday, December 21

Sleepy wants to get completed room list to hotel by next week during our visit 12/28

That way we can do secondary room release and Executive Room raffle

HGI still had 66 rooms open as of 12/3



Evening events

  • Working with Leah to get High Protocol Dinner tickets live on our site for sale
  • Pricing is set for that event ($90/couple, individual $50)
    • Question was asked why charge more for single people
    • Response was that it is harder to prep event due to dynamics of providing staff to ‘train’ those uncoupled persons
  • Individual registration will end 1/15; cost for couples will go up to $100
  • No tickets at door
  • 32 tickets available
  • Boston Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, 2 hour show, Sat night, 8pm-10pm or 9-11pm – still TBD
  • Lee Harrington to possibly do a pre-show, start time and length TBD
  • Ticket prices still in the works; will be available at the door but at higher price
  • Sleepy to ask Crowne for room capacity depending upon set-up
  • Goal is to have event info and tickets up this weekend

Programming schedule mostly done; might add on more meet and greet

Deadline for presenters re:book info is Dec 27th

Jan 15th deadline for any other information for packets, etc.

Serenity Space – Originally asked for Room 127 but concerns remain about noise, foot traffic.  Argument for 1st floor room is that it’s easy access.  Like the access to the two Volunteer HQs in the event that they need backup.  Supposed to be Serenity Space, not silent space.  Can add white noise machine, pipe & drape to mitigate some of the noise. First year doing it at Winter Flea – will take away learnings

Ops expressed concern over Safety and Security coming up and down that hallway all hours of day and night.  Still concerned about the high foot traffic.  Programming reiterated that they *want* the high foot traffic so that people have the awareness of the space. There is concern that if it’s out of the way, people won’t use it.

Several folks who have stayed on that hallway noted that it does get quiet, most traffic during class transitions.

Someone who has done a Serenity Space previously note that a lot can be done with keeping door NOT wide open and draping.  Especially with use of white noise, etc.  All hallways are chaos and busy.

Survivor Support – Signage about Space will be helpful both in terms of awareness of space and asking for people to be considerate of the space.


Programming Volunteers – Pretty good, steady stream of volunteers, system put together by Leah is amazing!!

Conversation w/Heather S. re: distribution of volunteer perks (logistically)

Issues historically with giving out vouchers/perks b/c don’t want to give too early so that they still have to earn them but then last minute distribution runs into issues with everything being packed up (T-shirts, Associates cards, etc.)

**Voice concerns over challenges with clocking volunteers in and out

**Leah working on it

Question by Ops – why not do it manually? Response – because that method doesn’t tabulate hours so they may not earn perks or possibly even owe $ for registration band

Ops suggested maybe using Excel?  Response – Possibility, runs slow with so much data


General Volunteers

Much happier with Leah’s system

Volume of volunteers – 600 spots, about 1/3 spots filled

That’s a good pace so far

Really like the notifications that people have signed up for shifts


Last count – 81/82 vendors includes 25 in Vendor Row

13 community

12 crafter

16 double

28 single

25 vending rooms

Still waiting on Steel Bones – has paid but hasn’t completed the registration process; not responding to emails

Booth spot for boot blacking

Booth spot for changing area

**Sleepy and Julie forgot to Programming that they had the Plaza Ballroom back for programming purposes for this year only**

Outreach  – Who does boot blacks?  Lounge host for boot blacks is puck (per Programming)

Adam (legal) – does contract address what happens if someone makes deposit but doesn’t actually apply?

Julie – issues with people paying both the application fee and the City of Warwick fee.  First year doing an application fee so we’re learning

Needs to do reconciliation of what’s come in over the past week.

Goal is to have final bill out to vendors by end of Dec

City of Warwick – has two dates in January.  If first and third Wed so deadline for vendors will be Friday prior to meeting date

BostonChickie – Asked for list of community tables so that she can contact them for graphics.  Julie to send.  Also, remove ShapeShifters asked to be removed from mailing list so please check list.

Outreach – have we reached out to anyone who isn’t vending but may want to still advertise?  No, Julie will follow up.

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence – want to do a photo booth.  Concern is that people would be using their phones.  Pipe and drape.


Have a stack of phone condoms so that people can re-condom their phone.

Put them in a different spot

Phone is property of person taking photo – need a modeling contract?  Adam says no.

Program book

Rough deadline

Jan 15

Jan 25 – drop dead

Jan 28 – Monday, rough draft for review to Board

Jan 31 – All edits and changes last minute OMGs

Feb 1 – off to Tiger Press

First week of Feb to do edits with Tiger Press

Proof approval should be 2/6

300dpi or better is best, 1200dpi is max

Bleed? – If they are going to have an edge or full page, 1/8”

Software license for InDesign – Rob, still has, yes

Programming – class descriptions, presenter bio; can Echo send to Rob?  Yes.

Email address – use publications@nelaonline.org



Tabling – nothing for now.


Julie will follow up on email sent to her by Sleepy

Sleepy will check with CTan to verify previous

Police Detail

Ops waiting on issuance of permit before police detail can be booked.

Security Contract

All set w/Pendragon

Op Hammond Contract

Concerns about cost vs. benefit.  Reviewed numbers/data provided by Op Hammond over incidents

Because NELA pays Op Hammond – creates liability. Good Samaritan law no longer applies.

Check insurance coverage from Op Hammond.  Confirm certifications.

If we choose not to use Op Hammond – what would we use for those services?  Even the most basic.

Adam – we could ask for volunteers from the community.

Plum – Another event, could ask for volunteers (qualified) and create a rotating schedule with coordinator, back up coordinator, contact info, list of skills

Would basically need a Medical Volunteer Coordinator – need to vet people, etc.

Send out an email blast asking whether there are people willing to volunteer


Julie will send list of payment rec’d to BostonChickie/Iris so that they can chase down graphics

If ‘random people off the street’ want to advertise, direct to website

Leah will advise BostonChickie/Iris when ads are purchased so that they can chase them down for the add content.

Contacted Kinky Beverage, Hypnotiq, Home Depot, etc.

Adam – Suggested contacting FetLife for their advertising partners.  Iris to follow up

Advertising at the Flea –


Review of Protocol Document


Will not be using Arisia’s IRT due to issues brought to light recently

Shining Boy willing to help with IRT

Sleepy to continue to pursue alternate options; others with IRT-type experience, etc.