FFF Planning Meeting

Flea Planning Meeting – November 28, 2018

NonProfit Center – SleepyGreenEyes, BostonChickie, Echo, Connor, Iris, Etana, Plum

Phone – Leah, Luvs2bspankd, Heather, Spooky, Grant



Hotel Updates-Sleepy

Crowne/Holiday Inn – Still sold out!

Need to check w/HGI where we are for reservations

Accessibility: Need to link up people with rooms.

Concerns about booking rooms formality; also issues with not *all* rooms being available at Crowne b/c of Vendors Row, airline floor, etc.

Shower bench vs. roll-in demand

Holiday Inn has roll-in showers and benches but then possible transportation issues if they are wheelchair users

Sleepy to coordinate lists of Accessiblity needs w/hotel accommodations by end of weekend and reconnect w/etana and Iris

Sleepy and Echo to coordinate add’l meeting to assign Programming rooms


Hotel Field trip – Sleepy

Confirmed for Fri Dec 28

Add Lady Shana, Chinci, Connor to list

Confim meeting time by end of week.  Stay over Friday night – spend day doing meeting and recon work then meet at end of day.


Programming – Echo

New evening event – details to be announced.  Just connected with the party for this event – need to nail down details.

Hoping to release schedule Friday 11/30

Two events – waiting on confirmation before schedule can be released

Programming team meeting on Sunday, 12/2

Echo needs help with AllCal re: Programming schedule

Master classes all set.  Panda going to do a release of what classes, who is presented, etc. on FetLife as a teaser. People will fill out survey monkey form to sign up for classes.

Confirmation provided within one week.  No at-con tickets for master classes (different last year). Targeting Sunday release of Survey Monkey forms.

Questions about Accessibility for Master classes – can a question be added to the Survey

Monkey form regarding Accessibility needs.  Etana needs to have question to Echo via email by Friday.

Socials and lounges are all set.

Had four Diversity Inclusion Fellow but three dropped for various reasons.

Evening events – Pool party scrapped due to various concerns and inability to find a host.

Late night game lounge on Fri and Sat – both nights free.

Working out details w/RKO – They mentioned that they are interested in doing the coat check WITH another group as they have done in the past.

Rocky Horror Friday night – free

Taster – Friday night.  Danie actively recruiting for that event.  Also Fri

Late night Hypno and Rope lounges – happening last class slot (til ~1:30am)

Saturday night events still being finalized.  Four Sat PM events

Echo has asked the evening event liaisons to call into future Flea meeting for introductions and get a sense of team

Reminder that we need to have legal information for all presenters for various legal reasons including persons being over 18 as well as possible 1099 for tax purposes

Echo to put together spreadsheet with legal name, scene name – to be used for tracking purposes for hotel rooms as well as monetary compensation for checks and possible 1099


Programming Volunteers – Connor

Chicni and Connor are meeting tomorrow for an epic 8 hour volunteer scheduling party for entry into AllCal

Have done a preliminary volunteer call via Survey Monkey – 15 respondents, rather low for their tastes


General Volunteers – Heather

Has schedule built.  Needs to add Accessibility volunteers to schedule. Plan to be live over the weekend.  December 1st target date.

Need to coordinate schedule release with Programming volunteers

Need to wait for release of Programming schedule (so that people can see classes before choosing volunteer shifts

Reminder from Leah to delete dummy schedules before uploading real schedule

Heather to get with Leah for help with General Volunteer schedule

Volunteer Perks:

Proposed-2 shifts (4 hours) – FREE admission to Winter FFF

4 shifts (8 hours) – above and NELA Associates Card good for one year, and a NELA T-shirt

6 shifts (12 hours) – above and Free Admission to the Volunteer Appreciation party for yourself

8 shifts (16 hours) – above and Free Admission to the Volunteer Appreciation party for yourself and a guest!

10 shifts (20 hours) – above and choice of 1 meal chit or $10 NELA Bucks

15 shifts+ (30 hours+) – above and an invitation to the Super Volunteer (Dead Dog) Dinner on Sunday Evening.

Issues with volunteer retention.  Looking to search out volunteers who are dedicated and could be groomed as Super Volunteers, leadership positions and future Board members

Exception to above is that anyone on Load Out will still be invited to Dead Dog Dinner

Perks approved by present Board members (Iris, Echo, Heather, Leah and Sleepy)


Accessibility Volunteers – Need to have ability/skills in volunteer descriptions so that people can determine whether or not can perform necessary duties.  I.e, Must be able to lift x pounds (for load-in/load-out), must be able to see colored-wrist bands at x distance, can be seated/standing, etc.

Possibly include information about person interaction

Volunteer job descriptions to be sent to Sleepy for edit/review (for conciseness)


Vending- Julie

AIDS Care Ocean State – All set

Boston Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence interested in another Community table/photo booth

Echo recommended putting them in Plaza Ballroom

Iris went through Etsy and contacted 107 possible vendors.  People are responding positively to Iris’ outreach.  Happy to hear that application is still open, didn’t know it was happening, etc.  Iris is tracking their Outreach efforts so that we have this information for future events.  Some expressed interest in advertising although they can’t vend.

Leah says we have 20-30 blank spots.  Vendors have not paid Application Fee and/or Warwick permit fee.

If Plaza Ballroom rooms aren’t used for Vendors, Programming will happily take space for lounges – easy fix.

Sleepy to schedule offline call w/Julie to get better handle on vendor layout and other vendor status


AllCal Update – Leah

Still waiting on video from AllCal for volunteer sign up tutorial

Site looks good though

Need feedback – Email dated 11/19


Permit Update – Sleepy

City of Warwick – Email has been sent (per their outgoing v/m instructions)


COIL – Sleepy

Contract all set

Registration site in process – first pass, feedback going to be sent to COIL tonight, expect a new link tomorrow – Board to review/provide feedback ASAP. Goal is to be live this weekend along with everything else!


Elms Room

There’s an Ethernet cable In the ceiling dropped from the 5th floor to stabilize

Need small folding table needed for front room area to use as desk

Grant’s heavy duty radios (up to 5 radios from 3 from last year) do work in that area

Space is Accessible

Advertising – BostonChickie/Leah/Iris

Advertising space pricing is set for vendors – Leah wants to extend that pricing to public

Give BostonChickie pricing and she will pursue getting – Need link to submit for advertising  – Leah has is all set.  Deadline – Preliminary Jan 8 for submission.  Hard deadline is Jan 15

Iris and BostonChickie to coordinate efforts to obtain advertising

Various ‘markets’ – vendors at Flea, vendors not at Flea, Community tables, contractors

WMPE – Desperately asking for someone from NELA to go out there; Iris going to take that from BostonChickie

Another group out in Western MA – NOHO Rope Group – suggestion from Echo

Check with The IronWorks Tavern (attached to the Hilton Garden Inn) for ad in program book/goody bag

Easy for people to hop on shuttle to go

Other local restaurants?


Sponsorships – Iris

Charmed! – Baltimore – Advertising

Lesbians of Color Symposium – Post Winter Flea; will advertise summer flea

Queer Agenda – Year long sponsor

Anthro NE – Furry convention

Rainbow Times

Did NOT make it into the Slutcracker