FFF Planning Meeting

Fetish Fair Fleamarket Meeting
October 17, 2018
Attendees: SleepyGreenEyes, Leah, Dermott, Kalika, Connor, Echo, Iris
On the phone: Heather S., Spooky, Erica/BostonChickie
Hotel Update

  • Crowne sold out in 7 minutes (per Crown)
  • Just rec’d confirmation from Holiday Inn today that they are sold out as well
  • Notified Hilton Garden Inn that we are ready to open their block
    • Originally requested Friday, 10/19
    • They pushed back and asked for Mon 10/22 so that mgr could be on duty
    • Recommendation to push out to 10/26 to build up anticipation
    • Push back release time to Noon (based on feedback)
  • Accessibility: Do we need to hold out any of the accessible rooms or are we all set with what we
    have at the Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn?

    • Iris and Sleepy to check w/Etana


  • Programming liaisons are working with presenters to verify day class time slots
  • Going to work with IT and Outreach to start promoting class names and presenters
  • Target date to release full schedule on Thanksgiving
  • Photo lounge
    • Historically had photos cycling through on monitors
    • Idea brought up to sell prints or digital copies
      • Logistics around this?
      • Sales tax?
      • Photographer or artist would need to apply for City of Warwick vendor fee in
        order to sell their artwork
      • Essentially become a vendor
  • Evening programming
    • Been in touch with Addy; no play party w/Addy. Do we want to pursue a play party? If
      so, Addy willing to put us in touch with people. Carl from Knot – no longer doing play
    • Reaching out to Slutcracker and Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
      • Ericka offer to liaison between Programming and Sisters
    • Possible drag show of Kings vs. Queens
      • Randy Andy’s Drag Kings and Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
    • Feedback that we should bring a fashion show back
    • Evening events all confirmed except for above
    • RKO Army confirmed
      • Echo working on contract
      • Run coat check as well
    • Friday – Late night rope and hypno lounges, game night as well, RKO army
      • Still looking for a pool party host
        • Can the pool party be clothing optional? Need to check with the hotel
      • All Friday night events are Free
    • Saturday
      • Games room
      • Pool party – need host and to check clothing option
      • Have a host for CBC (cock-tails boots and chocolate)
        • Contact hotel re: bar, kinky cocktails
        • Tickets sold at door
        • To clarify spelling of ‘cock-tails’ or ‘cock-tales’
      • High-Protocol dinner
        • Run by SweetWisteria and Stephan
        • Costing discussion in early November
        • Details regarding pairing, etc
        • Tickets sold ahead
          • COIL or NELA?
        • Fashion Show
          • Rotunda
          • Ticket sold ahead of time
            • May be available at door if not sold out ahead of time
    • Programming Volunteers
      • In holding pattern pending AllCal
      • Sending out SurveyMonkey for preliminary
      • November will be veteran volunteer call
      • Targeting December for official volunteer call
      • Programming has tripled the amount of volunteers needed due to adding Events
        to Programming


  • Pending AllCal
  • Have preliminary schedule but will finalize based on COIL schedule
    • Friday
      • Historically 3-11pm
      • Change to 3-10pm
    • Saturday
      • Historically 9am-10pm
      • Classes start at 9am so we want to start earlier
      • Last class starts at 8:30pm, vending closes at 5pm, evening events start between

        • Pool party, games room and lounges which don’t require ticket but do
          need wristband will continue later into the evening.
      • Change to 8am-9pm
    • Sunday
      • Historically 9am-3pm
      • Leave as is
  • Need to confirm with Connor and Chinci to schedule doors and floors in addition to Pendragon
    Security detail

    • Also work with Operations (Sid) for later
    • Four spots for Doors and Floors
      • Vendor Row by elevators
        • Covers hallway going down to downstairs classrooms
      • Front door
      • Front doors by Alfred’s/The Crossing
      • Rotunda & Tiverton
  • Historically done open volunteer call is done first week of December
    • Plan to do the same

AllCal (IT Update)

  • Good news! Follow-up call w/Willie and straightened out the RSVP lock
    • Feature should be ready within 1 ½ weeks
    • Allows users to sign up with AllCal
    • Volunteer Coordinator (both General and Programming) have final say on shift
      application Yay/Nay

      • Users cannot override
    • Did test calendars – looking good (iFrame?)
    • Populate calendars using CSV file
      • Volunteer shifts
      • Class schedule
      • Class description
      • Presenter bios
      • Can include social media info – basically free advertising for presenters and
      • Vendor info
      • Events
    • Programming and General Volunteers same calendar but separated by track
  • Question from Echo about whether or not everything needs to be loaded at one time or can it
    be done in pieces

    • Leah, yes via CSV file or ???
  • Heather S. wants confirmation of information fields that volunteers need to complete via signup

    • Include addresses for volunteers for ID purposes, prove to government that all
      ‘employees’ were over 18 years old at this event

      • Per Sid, phone number minimum. If necessary, we could obtain at time of any
        incident but would be easier to ask for up front
    • Leah to follow up with AllCal
  • Calendar example sent to Board. Keep in mind will be built into NELA website to what was sent
    to us by AllCal is just calendar information
  • Have the ability to create images for each class, if we so desires
    • Echo – Could it be a ‘track’ image? Yes
    • Also can do colors for tracks – yes, that’s in the plan.


  • Sleepy going to begin process on Monday. Will contact Cecilia & Scott to determine process.
  • Can it be done online, via phone, in person?
  • What information is needed?
  • Heather S. volunteered to help with anything in person since she lives nearby


  • Pricing established, working w/Leah & Cecilia
  • Need contract
  • Targeting Friday for opening up Vendor registration
    • Will be done via https://fetishflea.com website
    • Applicants will need to upload City of Warwick vendor application
    • Applicants will be required to put down a ‘deposit’ to demonstrate their commitment
      • $100 plus City of Warwick fee
      • City of Warwick fee is not refundable if a vendor is declined
      • $100 is refundable if a vendor is declined
  • Teaser posts on FB, Twitter and Fet about vendor registration
  • Need dimensions for Vendor part of Plaza Ballroom
    • Ocean and Narragansett
  • Increased cost of add’l wristbands by $5 ($45 for add’l wristband)
  • Decreased cost of Crafter Table ($185 to $135)
  • Packets are put together for vendors that they receive upon check-in which will include any
    paperwork (tax form, waiver, menu for bag lunches, etc.) and wristbands
  • Maybe do a goody bag/welcome bag for each vendor
  • Heather S. asked about room on Vendor Row for AIDS testing (ACOS)
  • Echo questions
    • CC’d on contract w/Ctan including her getting a vendor row space
    • Let them know if you do not accept Lady Shimla w/Violet Wand store or if she doesn’t
      apply (i.e., she won’t be at Flea)
    • Bootblacks would like spot similar to what they had last year in the Grand Foyer. Do not
      want to be in a corner. Huge difference in donations.


  • Reviewed contract structure
  • Discussed comparison of current contract vs. industry standard
  • Currently right about in the middle of various options
  • Decided to request an industry standard contract to include rooms and travel fee
    • Hopefully for review next week’s Board meeting
  • Update hours per volunteer section above


  • Contract just needs to be updated per Adam’s suggestions and sent back to Pendragon for
  • Then we can sign

Operation Hammond

  • Contract received and has been forwarded to Adam for review
  • Adam has provided feedback
  • Will forward contract to Board for preliminary review and then push back to Operation
    Hammond for revisions


  • Sid has comprised list of protocol with regards to incident handling
  • Had a few conference calls w/Sleepy to review
  • Drafted radio protocols
  • Evening ticketed events, should be staffed to review wristbands/tickets/etc.
  • Pool party
    • Consider having lifeguard and/or someone CPR/First Aid certified
      • Someone from Operation Hammond on hand
    • Mitigate circumstances
      • Discuss with Adam re:liability issue
  • Feels part of job is to identify worst-case scenario and think ahead of how to resolve
  • FAQs/Info sheet for Crowne guests
      • To include the fact that guests of guests need to be escorted
      • Purpose is to avoid to people wandering aimlessly around hotel
  • How to enforce
    • Safety will be on duty during those hours
    • Will be in effect for all hotels
  • Provide radios to doors and floors downstairs
    • Both for safety reasons but also to allow them to radio for emergency break (i.e.,
    • Connor and Echo said we tried high-intensity radios with Grant last year and they don’t
      work from the basement

      • Stated Programming volunteers are tight-knit and looking out for each other
  • Have Safety and Operations patrol downstairs classrooms once a shift
  • Stressed importance of Board members, etc. be visible in thanking volunteers
  • Ops Center/Command Central
    • Dispatch, esp on Saturday to help with logs and notes
    • Someone who knows where key personnel are and their availability
      • Someone from Ops, Board Member, etc. – rotate shifts in and out

Police Detail

  • Sleepy has asked Sid to engage Warwick Police to set up detail for the weekend


  • Enlist the help of Ericka/BostonChickie to help
    • Was asked by previous Board to document the advertising process
    • Started document; needs another 30-60 minutes to type up notes and send to us for
    • Iris and Ericka to connect regarding reaching out Munches
  • Waiting to hear back from Society on splitting cost of printed bags
    • Used to spending $0.06/bag
    • Price would go up to $0.42/bag for single color bag w/one color
    • Goal is to put the Society’s name out there but bags get thrown out
      • Already receive wristbands plus free card in bag
    • Iris to investigate reusable bag
      • Could be used to longer-term advertising
      • More environmentally friendly
    • Leah to follow up with Society if they haven’t heard back by Friday to ask for response
      by Tuesday so that we can discuss at the Board meeting next Wednesday

Program Book

  • Designed and formatted by NELA
    • Previously done by Rob and prior to that Zero and Jet
    • Arguments made for working with both sets of people
    • Sleepy requested emails from people with knowledge of these persons and situations to
      provide further information
    • To be discussed in Executive Session at next week’s Board meeting
  • Programming needs one month notice for program print
  • Last year deadline for advertising and artwork was early-to-mid January
  • Program book was laid out with spacers for ads/etc.
  • Sleepy to reach to Domino to see who they use for KinkyCon
  • Echo to reach out to organizers of Bound in Boston and Tethered Together
  • Printing is outsourced


  • Need Board photos/memes and bio for program
  • Iris thanked and passed around copies of the latest Flea cards
    • 147 organizations, sex stores, etc that the Flea cards are going to be sent to
  • Iris