FFF Planning Meeting

Fetish Flea Planning Meeting – November 7, 2018

NonProfit Center – SleepyGreenEyes, Leah, Julie, Michael

Phone – Scott, Sid, Heather S., Connor, Lady Shana, etana


Hotel Updates – Sleepy

Field trip – Mon, Tues &Thurs do not work for etana in the evening,

Sid gone 11/28-12/3, Sat best, out of work by 4 if necessary


Programming – Connor/Lady Shana

Classes – Tentative schedule set, sent out to presenters to approve

Presenters have until 11/10 to respond

Have received some responses, scheduled being adjust accordingly

Events – Echo has majority of info

Pool party – concerns about nudity, basic rule of Flea, concerns about possible consent violations/accidents.  Scott pointed out that once we open the door to nudity, could be hard to close it again/monitor it.  If we wanted to go ‘topless only’, we could do blackout curtains, check wristbands, include signage (Sid).  Also, genitalia to be covered for sanitation reasons.

Reminder that etana/Iris are waiting for schedule to be finalized to determine ASL proposal

Master classes survey going up soon – Panda working on this


Operations – Sid

Next board meeting – Protocols will be reviewed with Board for feedback and questions

Pool party – Safety standpoint, no big inflatables, recommend having reps from Safety and Op Hammond present at the event (due to no lifeguard on duty).  Better to be safer than sorry.  Have a presence to help raise consciousness regarding possible behavioral and safety issues.

Sid offered up Ops as a Volunteer Opportunity for Accessibility (per Slack conversation)


General Volunteers – Heather S.

Schedule is made up for what she believes we need.  Currently in an Excel file; need to convert to CSV for upload to AllCal.  Leah will send formatted CSV to Heather so that the file is formatted properly.

Waiting to hear from Programming to see what late hour volunteer shifts we may need; as well as other schedule adjustments

Targeting go live Dec 1 for volunteer sign up

Load in/load out – Julie, more vendors, 3 locations vs. 2 in years past.  Plan for 20 on a shift. Multiple ballrooms play into dynamics of load crew.

Load in starts 10am Friday, usually finished by 4?  No, multiple confirmations that last load-in shift starts at 6pm.

Note to self – Vendors go before volunteers for next meeting

Sid noted concerns about having Vending open while Load In still occurring.

Perks – No Flea play party this year so need to determine commensurate perk

NELA bucks historically reserved for volunteers who go above and beyond; conversation has been to use those as a ‘level’ of perks

Another proposition was to add Super Volunteers to Dead Dog dinner

Maybe have another additional catered dinner after the Flea.

Leah posting message to Slack w/proposed revised Perks structure

Sleepy asked that Programming and General Volunteers coordinate their call out for volunteers

Accessibility conversation re: volunteers – job descriptions a first step towards engaging those with accessibility needs

Never done a call for Accessible volunteer – how to do it, coordinate with Heather S.?

Heather S. – Send her the job descriptions and she will build into her grid

Etana would be in charge of Accessiblity volunteer with regards to tasks and checking in/out

Could also have Etana have their own access to AllCal; IT has no issues just a matter of training and proper access

Etana has job descriptions for volunteers that they created for Summer just doesn’t have time grid info



Great turnout for Caucus for People of Color at summer flea. Do we have contact information for any of those attendees? Probably not, it is a Social set up (a la Munch)

Conversation about reaching out to other communities – especially people of color, people who don’t speak English as a first language – do we have resources by which to reach out, etc.?

Suggestions to create a Slack channel to generate ideas (Connor)

Research on how to appeal to various demographics that aren’t being reached


Vendors – Julie

  • 51 Vendors signed up so far, working on getting permits and application money
  • Next City of Warwick meeting permit, currently coincides with Thanksgiving; waiting to see if they reschedule
  • 15 for vendor row
  • Vending Hours
    • Vendors Row, at will – generally speaking ready to go by 6pm Friday evening
    • Asked this year who, outside of Vendors Row, might be interested in vending Friday evening
      • Majority of people have responded yes
      • Original thought was to have smaller baller room to start Friday but based on results thus far may swap to have larger ballroom open Friday and smaller Sat/Sun only
      • Tentative vending hours on Friday 6-10pm
      • Set window for load-in for those who want to vend on Friday; i.e. must be loaded-in (or at least in line) by 3pm
      • Continue load-in for Sat/Sun vendors through 8pm (shift starts 6pm)
    • Get dolly trucks to local hardware store for wheel repair (Sleepy)
    • Community tables have to check in but don’t usually need load–in assistance

AllCal/IT  – Leah

  • Things going well but still waiting on instructional video
  • Demo’d to Connor the RSVP lock function but he needs permissions to the calendar in order to utilize the feature
  • Going to send us the iFrame to link their calendars into our website
  • Should be good to go for 12/1 Volunteer call to go live
  • Will schedule printer transport ~4 weeks prior to event
    • Cost $200 for transport to RI (Free to Marlborough)

Advertising- Alchemy in Providence has a kink night on Mondays

Finalized w/Society that we will pay $200/years’ worth of bags and they will pay for difference for the bags w/their logo and ‘Stuff by Society’

Some vendors have already signed up to add something to bag

Iris mentioned that they were going to reach out to new vendors and Leah has seen some new vendors signup including a consignment vendor from CA