FFF Planning Meeting

NonProfit Center – SleepyGreenEyes, Leah, Echo, Connor, Iris, ShiningBoy, Julie

Phone – Sid, BostonChickie, Heather S., Red, Spooky, rob, Grant



Hotel allocations:

Still in process; about 90-95% complete.  Have begun sharing information with hotels; determining any ‘left over rooms’ for release to public, etc.


BEOs are being worked on; expected to be done by Sat

Scrambling on getting the equipment for some play equipment for classes

Last year rented from Brewhaven – very expensive, cost prohibitive

Rent from Dark Odyssey or Crucible?

Equipment needed for Taster

Need spanking bench x 3

4’ x 8’ mats

4 St. Andrew’s Crosses

3 massage tables

Grant working on finding equipment

Echo will put together full list equipment needed

Unity NH looking to offer equipment in trade for Community Table

Suggested to check w/Choice Social Club

Julie will reach out to Q&K to see if they have equipment in kind for Community table

Echo was asked to put together a list of both short- and long-term needs for equipment.  Will consider making a long-term investment but this Flea budget is mostly spent.

Additionally, Iris has connection to wood-working person; possible option for long-term


Wants to provide Danie with NELA Bucks in exchange for hosting the Taster – Request was unanimously approved by the Board

Danie would like to know if we can offer something to the vendors helping with the Taster.  Suggestions are bag stuffer ($50) or NELA bucks ($25). Echo and Iris will coordinate a message and offer those two options.

Working on list to Leah for printing and info to Rob for program book.

Proposal – Every classroom gets a Safer Sex kit; would like to order 300 latex-free condoms. Global Protections – Iris will reach out to them to see if they are willing to do an ‘in kind’ exchange for advertising.  Lube packets, dental dams.

Programming Volunteers:   65 Shifts left to fill, call going swimmingly, lots of following up via text or email

Hoping to finalize schedule by 1/15/19

Packet stuffing days – later in Jan/early Feb.  People on the call or at the meeting are welcome to help.  Email/DM Connor on Slack.

General Volunteers

Better spot than last year – but still behind

2/3 of what we need

Lots of openings on Saturday/Sunday

Connor (Programming Volunteer Co-Captain) is hoping to have more volunteers than hours and then will send any volunteer overflow to General Volunteers

Sat/Sun PM – across the board

BostonChickie offered to help out if she is there

Heather has reached out to regular volunteers who haven’t yet signed up

Plan to send out confirmation emails w/expectations and instructions – usually sent out about 2 weeks prior


All invoices have gone out!!  Some payments are received, some people are coming back with questions

Permits – sent email to outstanding.  Need to have permits to us by end of day tomorrow, Thursday, 1/10/19.  Sent out 13 emails, 9 still outstanding.  Will be following up by phone tomorrow.  Some of these have already paid in full.  Will be notified that if they don’t have the permit in, they can’t vend.

Confirmed with state that we have our permit.

Has sent list of room vendors to Sleepy.

Total vendor count 76 including room vendors, maybe 77 and/or 78

89 including crafters so maybe 90-91 but does include the 9 who do not yet have their permits in

Community tables – 13

We have our show permit!!!!

Next steps is following up on invoices and payments

Vendor placement in ballroom will take place after people have paid

Access to Grand Ballroom on Thursday after 6pm – will need all hands on deck once we have access to the room.

Issues with people paying for tables – Goes back to Danny letting people take tables off the stack and ‘not seeing anything’.  Ctan said typically gets $1,000 in cash for tables and wrist bands at Load In.

The form that they sign when they arrive agreeing to Ts & Cs, they attest that any help will be 18 years of age or older.

Changing to check IDs for ALL wristbands related to vendors and their assistants.  Ops will provide support.

Have a handful of vendors who haven’t paid their City of Warwick fee – how do we want to handle presenting their permits to Warwick?  Board consensus to take permit fee from Application fee and balance will be billed out.  About a dozen vendors who haven’t paid either fee.  Julie feels pretty comfortable with that who is ls left will be good for it – long time/repeat vendors.

Some flexibility to get permits into the City by next week.  Julie & Heather


Need to finish email to AllCal asking for renumeration on failure of volunteer portal

Issues with website have actually been with AllCal; should be fixed

Spooky to help Leah

NonHotel Contracts

Pendragon – all set

Op Hammond –  Just rec’d latest revision

Valet – Sleepy proposed, Julie seconded – rest of Board approved


Meeting coming up this weekend.

Briefly discussed ASL quote and revision

Program Book

Has not yet received any content yet.

No artwork – cover art, filler art – Iris is working on

Rob suggested photo gallery contents

Sent to Rob – Preliminary vendor map, community table map; Programming schedule

Have rules change from last year?  Yes, updated on Site.  Rob will pull from there.

Need to send BoD bios to Rob (publications@nelaonline.org)

1-2 sentence for programming team members

Include above with Diversity and Inclusion Fellowship info

Accessibility statement has changed drastically – needs to be update

Sent as much content ASAP so he can start doing lay out


Jan 15th – preliminary data

Jan 25th Absolute deadline

Jan 28th – Draft send to Board for approval

Jan 31st – Feedback to rob from Board

Rob has reached out to Tiger Press to confirm timelines

Needs to have final to Tiger Press by 2/1

Press Qty – Last year 3,500, ran out (although ‘found’ two boxes)

Price breaks? At 2,500 and 5,000 but will check and let us know.


CT Trans Advocacy Coalition has paid

200+ Contacts for ads – Iris going through round 2 this weekend

Shy away from food delivery places for advertisements

Sleepy to check w/hotel about food advertisements

Julie taking care of artwork from vendors; providing contact info for Community tables and BostonChickie will follow up

BostonChickie – thinks we should highlight BSPI’s photobooth

Goody Bags

Leah spoke w/Society

Placing their order today purple bags w/either gold or silver

3,000 Goody bags

Bags being sent to Sleepy’s house

Bag stuffing in Rotunda – Friday Noon to 5pm

Need soda/hydration station


Thundermist Health Center – giving out pronoun buttons – Julie – will let us know

BSPI would like to proceeds of their performance to go to Thundermist (after costs are covered)

Note – Board members must have face photos on badges. Scene name Ok, pronouns

We need Adverstising and Artwork!!!