FFF® #54 Advanced Classes Registration

Thank you for your interest in the Advanced Classes Track for FFF #54! We are excited to bring you a lineup of top educators, with classes geared towards those who are more advanced and experienced in their kink journey.

**Registration Closed February 11, 2020**

Please only fill out this form if you will attend FFF #54. The intent is to fill the classes pre-convention, with at-convention attendance only available if there are free seats 15 minutes before the class’ scheduled start time.

Here is how the process will work this year:

  • First, you will need to provide us with your scene name and email address. Please use the name with which you will use during the event. We’ll check you in to the class with this name. 
  • Second, please read the list of class offerings and choose your top two (2) class choices. During your decision making process, be cognizant of which classes occur at the same time.

Class Offerings

9:00 AM Saturday

Advanced Electrical Play
Presented By: Anne

A brief overview of the history, discussion of safety and health issues, the comparison between older violet wand technologies and techniques and the more modern ones in use today. Due to the discussion based nature of the class, there are a variety of additional topics that can be covered, depending on the interests of the specific group. Those topics include but are not limited to: alternative toys and accessories with the wand, scene building for psychological tension and/or predicament play, the use of conductive rope in Shibari techniques, fire play (how-to, how to be safe, how to follow up), the incorporation of other medical play (needles and staples) with the wand, conductive impact, and more.

Wielding Steel: An Advanced Knife Play Experience
Presented By: Nauttiboy 

Have you ever wondered what that nice, shiny blade feels like in your hand? Or maybe how it feels to have that same blade dance along your flesh?  Wielding Steel will answer both questions for you. Prepare for an advanced knife play experience. You will learn the dynamics of a knife and how to wield it with safety and sanity. From experienced knife handler to those that have never picked one up, learn how it feels, how to develop your hand, care of blade and bottom, witness the sensual to the sadistic. So come and experience the pleasures of Wielding Steel. 

11:30 AM Saturday

Advanced Needle Play 
Presented By: Sarah Sloane

Prerequisite:  basic understanding of blood borne pathogen transmission & anatomy

Once we know the basics of needle play, how can we add additional “zing” to our needle play scenes? This workshop will give you some ideas for turning an average scene into something truly unique and wicked! We will cover some techniques and ideas for intermediate and advanced needle play scenes, the anatomy knowledge needed to safely perform these scenes, and demonstrate some of the techniques for you during the workshop. You’ll come away from the workshop with ideas to use in future scenes and the knowledge you need in order to let your creativity run wild!

Content Warning: This class will contain videos of temporary piercing, including genitals, and may show blood.

The Sadist Butcher: Anatomically-Based Fear Play 
Presented By: Raven Kaldera 

Want to pretend that your bottom is livestock, or a hunted deer, and it’s time to get the knives? Or maybe you just like the idea of playing Hannibal Lechter? This can be an intense edge play scene if it’s done right, even though no one actually gets cut up for real. But you have to know, convincingly, where to “cut” – and these three homesteading kinksters will show you how to look like you know what you’re doing, and safely give someone a scene of fear and surrender.

Content Warning: We’ll discuss graphic dismemberment, fairly bluntly; know yourself and your level of ability to listen to such talk. 

2:00 PM Saturday

Dark Roleplay
Presented By: Lord Ramirez

There is a very powerful link between fear and arousal. To those so inclined one can harness the power of this link within their scenes.During this workshop we will cover concepts, tools and tricks to taking your scenes into the world of nightmares and monsters, both real and fantasy and how to use these to enhance your play.

Content Warning: This class will have potential fear/emotional triggers and is not recommended for those who might be triggered easily.

Rope Bondage: Speed and Flow Drills
Presented By: Midori

PrerequisiteAt minimum ALL participants and attendees must know a two-column tie.

Whether you’re an expert or have only taken one rope bondage class, Midori returns with a class to help to make your rope play more confident, smoother and intuitive.

This class concentrates on a method of an essential structured drill set to build fluid, effective and graceful motion in tying. Great flow and speed skills add to dynamic scenes with powerful emotional and play potential, increase confidence, and allow for more intuitive creative process and connection with your partner.

Throughout the class, Midori will help attendees with skill growth. Each exercise has purpose and philosophy behind it to deepen your play, whether you cast or receive rope, or enjoy all sides of the rope in your private play.

Everyone is expected to do the exercises. This will enhance your personal play. This class requires basic knowledge of two-column ties.

**All registrants for this class must sign up as a tying pair.**

Items to Bring:

  • Several ropes of varying lengths, 15′ to 20′ lengths might be a good place to start. More the merrier. Bring lots of ropes!
  • Remember your safety scissors too!
  • Two sets of blindfolds
  • Ground covering if you like
  • Open mind and adventurous attitude

Thank you for your time, patience, and interest! We are tickled to present this class track for another year, and hope you are as excited as we are!