FFF #54 Thank you for a great event!

Well folks, Fetish Fair Fleamarket® #54 drew to a close about 48 hours ago and we want to take a few moments to thank everyone for making this yet another successful event! Collectively, there were thousands of hours of preparation and work that went into putting on this Flea.  Over the next few weeks we’ll be collecting and reviewing feedback and data from the event as a way to make future Fleas even better.

First, to our attendees and guests, we are so happy and thankful that you came out to have fun; took the opportunity to learn about so many topics from consent and negotiation to beginning skill sets to more advanced play tactics; buy fun toys and implements for a variety of interests; and connect with a number of community support groups and networks to be resources for you year round.

Words cannot express the gratitude to our Operations, Medical and Emotional Support Care (MECS), Programming Logistics, Vendor and Presenter Neutrals, Pendragon security, Warwick PD details, Coil Registration, and Unity NH teams for their extraordinary efforts put into making the Flea run smoothly and safely – you are all beyond amazing.

To our dozens of vendors and presenters, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for  compiling amazing program content to provide various levels of education to the community new and old and bringing amazing, quality and sexy wares to folks to buy for their exploration and pleasure.  A huge round of applause to the folks and groups who put together the evening events which added another level of excitement, sexiness, and fun to the Flea.

Last but certainly not least…there is not enough thanks that we can express and give to the over 400 volunteers who sacrificed their time and energy to load vendors in and out, introduce presenters, monitor the doors and hallways, put on wristbands, work the swag table, assist with accessibility questions and so much more.  Additionally, we express our gratitude to that the many folks who spent  hours individually ranging from dozens to hundreds in helping to organize helping to organize and arrange the outstanding programming and events, coordinate the wonderful vendors, schedule behind-the-scenes logistics and training to make the Flea safer, and uphold its legacy as the exceptional kink event it is known to be.

With enormous gratitude…
Humbly and sincerely yours,
Sleepy and the NELA Board of Directors

Chair, New England Leather Alliance
ConChair, Fetish Fair Fleamarket® #54

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