FFF #54 – Last Minute Details and Updates!!

Hey Folks – It’s time for the Flea!!!

As many of you know, the Crowne underwent extensive renovations over this past year.  In fact, there are still last minute finishes taking place as we set up today!

First, we want to let you know that the Medical and Emotional Care Support team HQ has moved from the lobby to Room 118.  This is because the space we intended to use is still occupied by the construction company as they finish up renovations.

Second, we’re hearing rumors that there is an email making the rounds that we do not have any sort of Medical and Emotional Care Support (MECS) at our event, that we’re letting known abusers into the event and other unpleasantries.  As we detailed in a post at the end of January and as you can probably see from the first paragraph, our MECS team (RNs, EMT, First aid, CPR certified, DV trained, survivor support/disclosure training, some social work experience, etc.)  is very much in place and ready to help as needed.  We are checking IDs to both verify age and enforce our No Entry list.

We’re excited to see everyone this weekend, looking forward to having lots of fun with the progam schedule and vendors and having another great Flea!!

See you all very soon!!


Chair, New England Leather Alliance
ConChair, Fetish Fair Fleamarket 54

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