FFF #54 Medical and Emotional Care Support (MECS) Team, Vendor and Presenter Neutral Positions

Hi Folks!  With the Flea coming up fast, we’re here to share some important information ahead of the event:

Our volunteer-based Medical and Emotional Care Support (MECS) team is back!  Once again, we’ve got a group of folks whose skills range from survivor support/disclosure training to First Aid/CPR/AED training to registered nurses (RN, BSN) available.  They’ll be based in the lobby area of the Crowne Plaza hotel.  We’ll have the room marked appropriately on the event map.

We’re also happy to announce our Vendor and Presenter Neutral folks.  These folks will be available to assist our vendors and presenters with any questions or resolutions of issues that may arise during the event.  We strove to have a variety of gender roles and power-dynamic personality roles available to ensure a comfortable environment.

Vendor Neutral

  • Kerin
  • Lady Ellen

Presenter Neutral

  • BeMyToyNH
  • Julie K.
  • Stephan
  • sweetwisteria
  • MaxImpakt
  • Sarah Sloane
  • Eomer

Upon their arrival to the Flea, vendors and presenters will be provided further information on how to engage a Neutral party should they need or want to do so.

We’re very thankful for all of our volunteers who have stepped forward to help make the Flea the best event it can be.  It truly takes a village to put together this event for our community!

If you’re interested in becoming  a part of the village, please reach out either one of our Volunteer Coordinators or the ConChair.   We can be reached at:

  • General Volunteers-
  • Programming Volunteers –
  • ConChair –

FFF #54 Planning Meeting Agenda 01/08 6:45 PM

Location: NonProfit Center, 89 South Street, Boston, MA 02111

Conference Call: 857-226-4343

6:45-6:50PM   Introductions

6:50-8:05PM   FFF54 Department Updates

  • IT Department
    • ID Scanners
  • Volunteers
    • General
    • Programming
  • Vending
    • Vendor Process Status
    • Vendor Neutral Position
  • Programming
    • Update
    • Presenter Neutral Position
  • Operations
  • MECS
    • Training
  • Accessibility
    • ASL
    • Hotel rooms
  • Hotels
    • 2nd Deposit Due Next Week
    • BEOs
    • Staff Room Blocks
    • Public Room Block Status
      • Online Registration
  • Contracts
    • Pendragon
    • Valet Parking
  • Advertising
  • Marketing/PR/Social Media
  • Program Book

8:05-8:20PM   Other FFF54 Business/Open

  • Goody Bags
  • Other/Open

8:20-8:25PM   Break

8:25-8:55PM   Executive Session