FFF #54 HOTEL and Medical/Emotional Care Announcements

Hotel Rooms

Mark your calendars!!
We will release CROWNE PLAZA and HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS hotel rooms next Friday, October 4, 2019 at 1:00PM EST.
As always, we will open up the Hilton Garden Inn once these two hotels sell out.

New for this year:

We have MORE ROOMS at the Crowne! Since our arrival to the Crowne, there was always one floor that was held aside for a previous contract which limited the number of rooms available to us. That contract expired this past year and we expect this will mean that more folks will get into the host hotel than ever before!

There has been feedback – and we’ve noticed from the room lists at the hotel – that while there is a three-room reservation maximum per person, there is often ‘double-booking for friends’. In other words, one person gets through to the Crowne and will reserve the maximum number of rooms (3) intending to have their friends take one (or more) of those rooms. But then another friend does the same thing. And quickly we’re out of rooms and one person has two to three friends holding rooms for them!

In an effort to reduce this ‘double-booking’, there will now be a $50/night per room deposit at the time of reservation. For example, if you reserve one room for the two-night minimum, $100 will be due at the time of the reservation with the balance due ~30 days prior to the event (same as always). Or if you reserve two rooms for two nights or one room for four nights, a deposit of $200 will be due at the time you make the reservation, etc. The deposit goes towards your total due and will be deducted from the amount payable the month before the Flea. We realize that this is a change but we’re hoping that it’s a minor one that will ensure more rooms for more folks at the Crowne.

Note: The reason this is also applicable to the Holiday Inn Express is that they are owned by the same folks and managed by the same contract.

Medical and Emotional Care Support (MECS) Team

Our Medical and Emotional Care Support (MECS) team is growing!

We’re always looking for qualified community members to volunteer and give back a few hours to the community, please email us at mecs@nelaonline.org with your information.

Additionally, for FFF54 we’ll restore a fixed point location for the MECS team. The Crowne underwent extensive renovations this year and we’ll tour the hotel in the next weeks to survey the changes and how they may affect our operations and identify a good location for MECS to be based for FFF54.

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