Meeting Minutes Updates

FFF® #52 – Follow Up: Meet & Greet with NELA’s Board

In an effort to increase transparency and accountability, we held our scheduled “Meet & Greet with the NELA Board” Saturday morning from 9-10:30am in the Rotunda.  We took this opportunity to answer questions about the arrangements for medical and emotional care support at this year’s Fetish Fair Fleamarket ®.  We were able to explain that, this year, we had an attorney review the contracts with organizations that we had worked previously worked with and were planning on working with again this year.   

We explained that our decision not to ultimately hire Operation Hammond, was in no way a reflection on the services that they have provided to NELA and its attendees in the past.  We also shared that this decision was made after several months of contract negotiations and attempts to revise the contract to meet NELA’s needs, but time constraints prevented further attempts.  The largest factor in this decision was the fact that paying Operation Hammond for their services puts NELA, a 501(c) 3 corporation, at significant potential for legal liability.

With regards to an emotional care and support response team: an issue was identified several weeks ago regarding last year’s team which led us to decide that we were not able to utilize the same team.  Until the week prior to the Flea, we fought to find alternative, appropriate solutions. Our goal for the future is to promptly notify the community of these kinds of issues and related decisions.