Winter Flea Rules

The New England Leather Alliance would like you to be aware of the following Rules of Conduct for the Fetish Fair Fleamarket®:

Violation of any of these rules may be reason for ejection from event areas without refund.

General Rules

  • Fetish Fair Fleamarket® is an 18+ event. ID will be checked at admission. All persons under age 18, including infants, are strictly prohibited from attending.
  • Admission price covers entry to vending areas, classes, and lounges for the day(s) purchased, with the exception of Saturday Night Play Parties, which will require a separate admission.
  • The wristband received at admission should be worn visibly at all times, and is proof of payment.
  • Wristbands are not transferable and are void if broken. Broken wristbands cannot be used for entry.
  • Anyone appearing to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol may be refused admittance or removed from the Fetish Fair Fleamarket® without refund.
  • Playing/scenes or any sexual activity in any public area is prohibited. Restrooms are considered public areas. You may briefly try out items for sale on yourself only with the vendor's permission.
  • Exposure of any bodily fluids or effluence, whether through sexual contact, piercing/cutting, soiled diaper changing, or any other method is prohibited in all public areas.
  • Ask for permission before touching anyone or anything that does not belong to you.
  • Smoking is prohibited inside the hotel or within 30 feet of any hotel entrance. When smoking outside, please be courteous to others.
  • Food/drink is prohibited in vending areas.
  • Classes are first-come, first-serve to the limit of the room. Do not enter a room that is full. Saturday Master Classes require pre-registration. Master Class pre-registration is open.
  • Live animals and non-human pets are prohibited on the main floor of the hotel and in classroom areas, with the exception of service animals.
  • Please respect the privacy of others. What you see here, stays here.

Public Areas

A public area is any area in either host or overflow hotels that is not a privately-rented room. This includes each of the hotel's lobbies, restaurants, bars, restrooms, ballrooms, vending, classrooms, elevators, pools stairwells, parking lots, hallways, laundry rooms, etc.. A privately rented room is not considered a public area.


It is our goal to make the Fetish Fair Fleamarket® welcoming and accessible to all attendees. Here are some things you can do to help:
  • Please ask and wait for permission before you try to help someone with an obvious accessibility issue.
  • Please do not pet, offer food to, or interact with service animals in any way, without the handler's specific permission. You are supporting the independence and autonomy of the handler by not distracting the animal from their work.
  • There is designated seating in each class area for persons with accessibility issues. Please be mindful of these areas, and allow those who need them priority access, if they choose to use them. If empty when a class starts, the seating is available to any attendee.

If you have questions, concerns or need assistance regarding access at the event, please visit the Registration Desk and request a NELA Board Member or Staff Member to assist you.

NELA is committed to continually improving accessibility at the Fetish Fair Fleamarket®. Please contact with suggestions, questions, or requests.

Gender Etiquette
The Fetish Fair Fleamarket® draws attendees with many forms of gender expression or gender identity, some of whom may not conform to the male/ female binary. In order to make this event more accessible and enjoyable for everyone, please keep the following points in mind:
Please respect peoples' privacy and boundaries, and do not ask unnecessary questions about appearance or gender.
A person's external appearance may not match their gender identity or expression. It is best to ask people which pronoun they prefer before using pronouns or gendered words (he, hers, waiter, waitress, etc.). In situations where you don't have an opportunity to ask a preference, use gender-neutral descriptions like "the person in the red shirt". Some examples of non-binary pronoun sets are 'they/them/their', 'xe/xem/xyr' but many other sets are used.
With exception of the restrooms by the restaurant and bar, all of the restrooms on the main floor of the hotel and in classroom areas are gender-neutral.

Consent and Harassment

The Fetish Fair Fleamarket® is a Risk Aware, Consensual Kink (RACK) environment. Non-consensual, discriminatory, and derogatory behaviors or situations are NOT acceptable. If you see something, say something.

NELA is dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable experience for everyone. Harassment of any kind, including physical assault, battery, deliberate intimidation, stalking, or unwelcome physical attentions, will not be tolerated.

If people tell you “no” or to leave them alone, your business with them is done. Leave them alone. Do not follow them or attempt to disrupt their event experience in any way. If you continue to attempt to have contact with those people, you may be removed from the Event without refund.

The Fetish Fair Fleamarket® has a Conflict Response Team available to assist you in the event an incident occurs.

Dress Code

The Fetish Fair Fleamarket® does not allow nudity in any public areas of the host or overflow hotels. "Sidewalk Friendly" attire is required, with chests, buttocks, and genitalia covered in a manner that would be appropriate for a public street. This applies to attendees of all gender expressions. While the Fetish Fair Fleamarket® is a kink event, our goal is the comfort of all attendees, hotel guests, and the hotel staff.
Liquid Latex only, body paint only, transparent clothing with nothing underneath, and/or a thong and pasties are not considered "Sidewalk Friendly".
Footwear that completely covers the bottom of the foot is required in all public areas of the host and overflow hotels, except the pool/hot tub.

Cell Phone / Photo / Video Policy

No Pictures
Please put away your camera, phone, or other electronic device as much as possible.

Cell Phones
Cell phone use in public areas is strongly discouraged but may occur, provided that the lens for any camera on the device is covered and blocked from use.

Cell phones with uncovered camera lenses are strictly prohibited from the Fetish Fair Fleamarket® and NELA events.

Cell phones should be silenced and put away in classrooms, lounges, socials, and events.

Cell phone use is prohibited at the Saturday Night Play Party.

Violation of the cell phone policy is cause for ejection from the event without refund.

Photography / Video
Unauthorized photography, video, or audio recording in any public area by any attendees, vendors, presenters, NELA or Fetish Fair Fleamarket® volunteers, or staff, is grounds for removal from the event without refund.

There may be Authorized Photographers or members of the Media present at the Fetish Fair Fleamarket®. Please seen the Media section below.

Unauthorized photography, being harassed or pressured for your photo, photos ‘on the sly’, or photos without consent should be reported immediately to NELA Board, any Flea Staff or a member of Security.

If you think you’ve been photographed without your consent, you have the right to demand the film or to check their digital files and delete any images of you.

Attendees entering into agreements to be photographed privately are strongly encouraged to check the references of the photographer, to have someone they know and trust with them during any private photo shoot, and to resolve all issues of compensation and the rights to the images before beginning a private photo shoot.

Media/ Authorized Photographers

Members of the Media and Authorized Photographers are welcome at the Fetish Fair Fleamarket®. Please contact NELA before the event to obtain a press/ photographer's pass.

Media/ Authorized Photographer badges should be worn prominently at all times in either the host or overflow hotels.

Media/ Authorized photographers are subject to the Photography policy above.

Video and audio recordings are not allowed in public areas without express permission from the NELA Board of Directors and the Fetish Fair Fleamarket® Chairperson.

Still-photography by Media/ Authorized Photographers in public areas is allowed only of individuals who have consented to being photographed and who have signed a release. Crowd shots are not allowed.

Release forms must be obtained from all models/ subjects. A copy of your release form should be provided to the NELA Board of Directors and the Fetish Fair Fleamarket® Chairperson.

The Fetish Fair Fleamarket® is a public event. New England Leather Alliance (NELA), and the staff of the Fetish Fair Fleamarket® will do their best to protect your privacy, however the Fetish Fair Fleamarket®, New England Leather Alliance (NELA), our hotels, and our partner sponsoring groups and producers are not liable in the event that your picture is taken.

Private Event and Party Policy

  • Private events (any event, party or other activity not specifically sanctioned by NELA or the Fetish Fair Fleamarket®) shall be kept inside the guest's private rooms, with doors leading to the hall kept closed, and shall not impede/block any hallway, fire escape or flow of foot traffic.
  • Locations of private events within the host or overflow hotels may not be publicly advertised by any means. This includes online, at tables of vendors/organizations or elsewhere on hotel property.
  • Please invite people to your event by direct invitation only. Violation of this policy may be reason for terminating the party or ejection from event areas without refund.

False Affiliations and Erroneous Claims

Attempting to profit, either directly or indirectly, from the New England Leather Alliance trademark, reputation, or NELA events, or the Fetish Fair Fleamarket®>, FFF, Winter Flea or Summer Flea, without a previously approved and acknowledged official relationship (i.e. official vendor, presenter, sub-event producer/promoter, contractor, etc.) is strictly prohibited, and may result in legal action.

Examples include (but are not limited to):
  • Resale or attempted resale of event tickets or room reservations at NELA event hotels
  • Erroneous claims of affiliation with or endorsement by NELA
  • Unauthorized promotion or solicitation at NELA events or on electronic platforms
  • Using NELA trademarked or copyrighted information without express permission, particularly to generate revenue.

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