New England Prides

prideflagNELA is proud to support and participate in the LGBTQ Pride Parades around New England. We organize a group in the Boston Pride Parade, the second Saturday in June. NELA invites the members of our community to join us as we march in the Boston Pride Parade. There is no charge; NELA registers a marching group with Pride in order to provide individuals and smaller kink orgs who might not be otherwise be able to the opportunity to march and display their pride. One shouldn't expect anonymity; in fact, marching in Pride is the opposite of that -- it's an occasion to openly display one's pride in one's sexuality, in who you are. We march, as every marcher does, to show our pride; that we're not ashamed, and that we don't feel the need to hide who we are. We march to show the public that we're proud, and our visibility helps increase the public's awareness, understanding and acceptance of who we are. We hope that you can march, and march proudly, with us.

NELA will also have a booth at Boston Pride to spread the word to new people -- we want to emphasize the parade to our scene people, to join us.

This is some generally useful info (map of route, advice, etc.):


We also table at:

Rhode Island PrideFest

Pride Portland (ME)

Portsmouth (NH) Pride




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