History of the Fetish Fair Fleamarket

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History of the Fetish Fair Fleamarket®

The Flea started in the early 90’s in the Boston area. Initially run as a fundraiser for NLA: New England, within a few years was moved from a room at the Holiday Inn in Somerville to ManRay, in Cambridge, MA. There were just a handful of vendors but the event was successful enough that it was held again.

As of 2015, New England Leather Alliance, (NELA), hosts two Fetish Fair Fleamarkets® (also known as The Flea or FFF). The larger of the two is the Winter Flea near Providence, RI, and the smaller is the Summer Flea in Marlborough, MA. The Fetish Fair Fleamarket® has become an internationally-known and well-respected bi-annual event with presenters and attendees from around the world. The Winter Flea is the largest leather/fetish event in New England, bringing together a hundred top vendors and craftspeople, over 3000 attendees, and presenters sharing their knowledge, skills and expertise.

The Flea is a place for people to learn about new things in a structured environment, and for people new to the scene to ask questions. Some people are so new they don’t even know the questions to ask. All classes at the Fetish Fair Fleamarket® are at the introductory level.

Our events draw a very diverse group of attendees with people of many genders, orientations, lifestyles, abilities, ages, kinks, fetishes, and interests. The Flea is the first kink event for many of our attendees, and every attempt is made to keep our event an open, inclusive, educational and fun environment.

Over the last few decades, tens of thousands of people have attended the Fetish Fair Fleamarkets® to enjoy the unmatched opportunity to shop, attend workshops, and meet people at the best economical price of any event of this type.

Our current home (since 2015) for the Winter Flea is the Crowne Plaza Hotel and Holiday Inn Express of Warwick, RI. We’ll be there for the next five years – taking both NELA and the Fetish Fair Fleamarket® to the quarter-century mark and beyond.

The Fetish Fair Fleamarket® is a registered trademark of the New England Leather Alliance. All Rights Reserved.


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